The Czech Republic has a complex tool to integrate persons granted international protection – the State Integration Program.

The specific target group of several hundreds of persons each year is provided with assistance in five key areas

The SIP clients may be helped to search for a flat, to move there and to furnish it with necessary items. Furthermore, the initial costs to have a flat and to furnish it may be paid. We get through the (under)lease contracts with our clients and, if possible, accompany them to flats and read the contracts to check everything is OK.

According to the Law on Asylum and the Resolution of the Government, the General Provider of Integration Services is the Refugee Facilities Administration

This website will soon be launched also in an ARABIC version. This website will soon be launched also in an ARABIC version. Intensive Czech language courses are after a pause available since February 2018.

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Contact points

A Program social worker is meeting a client right here. Assistance and consultancy are provided here. Always make an appointment in advance.
The contact points are in the cities with a larger population of the authorized persons.

Can’t you find a contact point near your home?
Our solution: contact us and be recommended an organization involved in the Program with the same abilities like the contact places.

Integrační azylové středisko: Ústí nad Labem – Předlice Husitská cesta 4 Tel: 475600151

Integrační azylové středisko: Jaroměř Kracíkova 18 Tel: 491813891

Integrační azylové středisko: Brno – Židenice Tovačovského 3 Tel: 548210302

Integrační azylové středisko: Havířov Na Kopci 5 Tel: 596805911

Kontaktní místo: Praha 1 Těšnov 5 GSM: 770130413, 770130414

Kontaktní místo: Ústí nad Labem Berní 1 GSM: 777472654

Kontaktní místo: Ostrava Českobratrská 7 GSM: 725000180

Kontaktní místo: Pardubice Pernerova 444 GSM: 770130421

Kontaktní místo_en: Brno Hněvkovského 65 GSM: 773755790

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Organizations involved in the Program

Poradna pro integraci
Sdružení pro integraci a migraci
Organizace pro pomoc uprchlíkům
Diecézní charita Brno
Arcidiecézní charita Praha
Diecézní katolická charita Hradec Králové
Farní charita Litoměřice


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